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A Morse Code bracelet is a secret way to express yourself.


Morse Code is a detailed system of dots, dashes & spaces used to represent numbers, punctuation & letters of the alphabet. It is used both as a code and a way to communicate without using the actual characters.


Fuck You, I'm Perfect Just the Way I am.

Fuck You, My Dreams Can Become Reality.

Fuck You, I Deserve Better.


This bracelet features Aquamarine, Black Onyx & Howlite.

Still feeling a little self-conscious about wearing a secret code bracelet?  Why don't you order a simple B2B bracelet to match? That way, your secret will be camouflaged even further.  

May I suggest an Aquamarine, Black Onyx or Howlite Back 2 Basics bracelet to match this Morse Code Bracelet? Simply send me a DM to start your order.

6mm Morse Code Bracelet - Fuck You

  • Please be aware that due to the current demand on all postal services, we can not guarantee on-time delivery.  (We'll try our best, but please be patient.)

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