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Super Set Alert!

With a mixture of genuine semi-precious gemstones and faceted electroplated glass beads, this set is sure to take your breath away. 

The light blue is a colour that envokes the memory of the perfect early-morning summer's day and the whites are so brilliant, a hollywood smile couldn't beat them. (The faceted light blue beads range in size from 4mm to 10mm. and the white gemstone beads are 8mm)


Alabaster helps with forgiveness, stimulates meditation and provides mental clarity by clearing away the cobwebs in your mind.

Howlite relieves stress & anxiety.  It quietens an overactive mind and increases patience and understanding.




Alabaster, Howlite & Blue Faceted Glass Bead Mala Bracelet Super Set

  • Please be aware that due to the current demand on all postal services, we can not guarantee on-time delivery.  (We'll try our best, but please be patient.)

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