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Intention : Happiness

This traditional Mala Bracelet contains 27 prayer/affirmation/intention count beads. It keeps in line with the traditional 108 beads in a Mala necklace. (27 X 4 = 108)

If you find yourself in need, you can easily recite your intentions/prayers/affirmations without losing count.

It is handmade right here in Alberta, Canada and only uses genuine semi-precious gemstones.


Citrine is a stone of light, happiness and abundance. It is also known to inspire reaching for your goals.

Mookaite is a stone of healing & strength. It increase self-confidence, self-worth and helps you realize your full potential.

Pyrite is a protective, shielding stone and is used to deflect harm and danger.  It stimulates a desire for action, enhances creativity and helps you realise your own potential. 

Tigers Eye is a stone of protection.  It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, helping us to make clear decisions without the influence of emotion.

Traditional Gemstone Mala Bracelet for Happiness

  • Please be aware that due to the current demand on all postal services, we can not guarantee on-time delivery.  (We'll try our best, but please be patient.)

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